Martin Acting Studios
Diánna Martin: Current Projects


I am tremendously excited to be performing in Marius produced by The Storm Theatre Company. It opens September 7th and runs through October 13th.

This is coming off of having just won a Planet Connections award for Best Actress in a Reading for Coyote On a Fence, from The In-Pulse Group's Staged Reading Series. We were nominated for five awards total this year, and Mark Emerson Smith won Best Actor in a Reading.

This time last year I was directing another show for Planet Connections, Jim Tierney's Carry On. Carry On took home a Best Actress award for Louise Flory andwas nominated for two.

**This Fall, we will continue the reading series started last year produced in part through Martin Acting Studios and The In-Pulse Group. Readings will include various established actors, as well as students of Martin Acting Studios.

Looking forward to what the Spring/Summer will bring - but taking it moment to moment.