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Info About Diánna Martin and Martin Acting Studios
Diánna's Acting Perspective in the NY Wellness Examiner
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Theatre Companies, Theatre Sites and Organizations I Am Involved In
Oberon Theatre Ensemble
The Workshop Theater Company
The Happiest Medium
NY Innovative Theatre Awards

Actors and Performance Artists/Musicians
Ann Wedgeworth on IMDB
Calvin Levels as James Baldwin
Louise Flory
Laura Siner
Vince Gatton
Mac Brydon
Elyse Mirto
Max Darwin
Aubyn Philabaum
Russell Jordan
Lowell Byers
Mickey Zetts

Producers, Directors, Playwrights, and Theatre Companies
Bird House, The Play - where you can find Kelly Haydon and The KNF Co.
Cristina Alicea, director
David Stallings, playwright & director
Rachel Reiner Productions
Fusco Films
Duncan Pflaster, Playwright and Cross-Eyed Bear Productions
Glory Sims Bowen, Director/Producer
Jacqueline Goldfinger, playwright
John Chatterton Presents
Boo Arts
Ulu Theatre Collective

Graphic Designers, PR, Photographers and Publicists
Antonio Miniño
Michael Marwit, Graphic Designer/Artist
Kampfire Pr & Marketing

Roger Ziegler High Performance Coaching
Susan Main - Linklater Technique
Zander Gish Yoga
Barrie Kreinik - Dialect Coaching

Studios, Theatres and Spaces I Recommend
Night Owl Studios
The Abingdon Theatre
The Network

Awesome Organizations
MITF: Midtown International Theatre Festival
NY Innovative Theatre Awards
Planet Connections Theatre Festivity

Where To Buy Your Plays, Monologues, and Acting Books
The Drama Bookshop

Martial Arts/Body Wellness
Anderson's Martial Arts and Draco Fitness