Martin Acting Studios
Quotes and Blurbs

"I've trained with Ernie Martin for fifteen years and more than anyone he has had the greatest influence on my acting style. Since Dianna Martin was a child I've watched her wholeheartedly absorb Ernie Martin's wisdom, insight and reflections on life and the art of acting. To my knowledge no one is more qualified to carry on his legacy than her."
-- Calvin Levels - Tony Award-Nominee Actor, Playwright

"When I made the decision to apply to NYU's acting conservatory, I knew that I would need coaching. I also knew that no one would be a better choice than Dianna. I had only worked with her briefly at NYFA, but she had the singular ability of adapting all the useless training I had accumulated into something functional. Unlike other teachers, she did not tell me to forget everything I knew, but rather made simple corrections to give me a foundation that she could then build upon. In only four short sessions she had gotten me out of my head and into my gut, and given me the confidence I needed to truly coalesce with my role, rather than just perform it. I can't thank Dianna enough, and can honestly say that if it weren't for her, I would not be studying acting."
-- Zack Feinn, Student at the Tisch Acting Conservatory

"I have had the opportunity to work with Dianna Martin in many different capacities: as an actor, director, teacher and student. I have witnessed not only her wonderful abilities as an actress, but also her superb eye as a teacher. Acting is in her blood, she descends from a mother and father that helped define a generation of great acting. Now she carries that torch successfully into this generation. Her eye for organic behavior, nuanced communication, and her passionate heart for the actor's process makes Dianna Martin, in my opinion, one of the best acting teachers in NYC."
--David Robinette, Actor, Acting Teacher NYFA

"Let's be realistic. Acting is a craft about conveying emotion. It's about communicating what is real about the situation and how people feel about it when they're in that moment. Which is why I am in awe of Dianna Martin's ability to intuit the core of the situation and make it accessible to even the most novice of actors.Young and old alike are able to see what's the meat of the scene with the aid of Martin's superb direction and insight. As a fellow teacher if I wanted to learn to act I'd be on her doorstep."
-- Jessamin Swearingen, Asst. Director of Technology, Instructor, Birch Wathen Lenox School

"I found her to be extremely perceptive and sensitive to the actor and the scene. I thought she had tremendous insights and were firm when she needed to be and caring when she needed to be. I felt supported by Dianna and comfortable exploring deep emotions. That is a real gift to have. Her teaching allows for extraordinary breakthroughs."
-- Roger Ziegler, Life Counsleor, Public Speaker, Health Advisor

"It is my pleasure to note that I have rarely met an actor with emotions as accessible as Dianna Martin. It attests to the training and exposure to Ernie Martin,a protege to Lee Strasberg and Artistic Director at the Actors Studio West Coast and her mother Tony Award winner Ann Wedgeworth. Living and breathing in the world of film and theatre has definitely paid off.

More recently Dianna accepted an audition for a role which she was not evidently right for but came in with incredibly bold choices and such emotional truth that the director accepted an entirely new vision of the piece and cast her in the role.

I have no question that Dianna Martin can help todays actors find their emotional truth and enable them to better build a character."
--Brad Fryman, Artistic Director, Oberon Theatre Ensemble

"All you have to do is read one of Dianna's reviews to know she taps into a playwrights intention and subtlety, advices actors to make bold and specific choices and approaches theatre from a positive stand point. All qualities any acting coach should strive to posses."
--- Antonio Miniño, Editor in Chief,

"It is so important to find an acting teacher who will bring out the best in you, that will not leave you feeling violated when it is over. Diánna has made me feel comfortable going to those places in a scene that are most certainly not easy to get to. She seems to find a way to relate to every individual she works with."
--- Lowell Byers, Actor

"Dianna Martin is blessed with an uncanny insight into an actor's creative process...In exploring the subterranean world of human emotions, Dianna Martin is a dive master."
-- Kelly Haydon, Director/Co-Producer, The KNF Co

"It was in the winter of 1983 when I was acting as the Moderator of the Playwrights and Directors Workshop at the Actors Creative Theatre in New York, a Division of the Ernie Martin Studio Theatre, established by renowned Acting Teacher and Director, Ernie Martin. It was there I first met Dianna Martin, the teenaged daughter of Ernie and his Tony Award winning wife, Ann Wedgeworth. Over the 25 years I've known Dianna, I have observed her growth as a writer, director and actress. She actively attended the Workshop and evidenced a superior skill in listening to and hearing the true voice of the playwright in tandem with her uncanny insight in offering writers and directors constructive commentary. Over the years, she has constantly worked to enhance her acting craft under the guidance of her talented parents. Dianna has always had the immeasurable virtues of desire and passion in all her theatrical endeavors. Her ability to work with others with a smile on her face and a fiery passion in her soul, contributes to her immense talent."
-- Joe McDonald, Playwright